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Written by: Vicente Dorador Lazalde

Translated by: Lorena Martínez Lombard


For my Community Service program, I chose to work with Formando Emprendedores ABP because I was interested in how it teaches elementary students topics regarding Culture of Lawfulness – the same topics my friends and I regarded as boring or unnecessary when we were students taking Civics class. But as I grew up, I learned that teaching children about Culture of Lawfulness is the key to forming conscious citizens, willing to participate in their community.

I had never before had the experience of spending time with children for prolonged lapses of time, much less teaching classes. I remember thinking it would be really complicated to control a large group of boys and girls about to enter adolescence. I also supposed it would be boring, having to teach and repeat the same topics in two differents classes. But on the other hand I was excited, because at last I would have the opportunity to inspire others to act with integrity in their day-to-day activities. Today I can say I achieved this.

Teaching the Pequeños Ciudadanos program has left me with a long list of learnings, beginning with realizing that each person is different and learns in their own way. Also, I learned to teach classes in the most dynamic and interesting way possible, so that if I were the student taking the class, my attention would be captured. Teaching the program opened my panorama and allowed me to live another reality, which is the reality of millions of mexican children that don’t have the same opportunities or study conditions that I had, due to a lack of equality in our society.

I believe the most important lesson I learned is that in each boy and girl that takes the program, there is a whole world of dreams and desires wishing to be fulfilled, and it is our duty to guide them towards their objectives. It is our job to help make Mexico a better country, without a doubt, throughout quality education.

Lastly, I would completely recommend this program to my classmates, because it helps one grow as a person and transforms community service into an enjoyable activity, instead of a workload, as some see it.


Vicente Dorador Lazalde

Community Service student at Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education