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According to the financial company Bloomberg, the best place to be during the COVID-19 pandemic is New Zealand, and the worst place is Mexico (2020). 

I have always felt proud of being mexican: proud of our solidarity, proud of our fun and passionate sense of humor that helps bring relief through difficult times.

But today, my heart aches.

In the midst of this economic, health and social crisis, my heart aches. We are living through an unimaginable crisis, in which being a child in Mexico means having their rights violated each day. Their right to education and their right to living a life free of violence is violated every day. 

We don’t know when children will return to school. Public school is being taught through television channels, and teachers do wonders via Whatsapp and Facebook groups, asking parents for support. However, these efforts are not enough. 

The panorama sounds terrifying – well, it is.

I’ve worked at Formando Emprendedores ABP for over 16 years, a non-profit organization that seeks to create a change in my country throughout education. I’ve been a witness of how education acts as the transformative tool the world needs for improving quality of life.

And we are still here, looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Educating boys and girls to become participative citizens and social entrepreneurs.

This 2020 we were able to teach our programs via Zoom and Google Meet, with the help of volunteers. We shared over 20 free downloadable didactic activities through our internet page, and over 8,000 people solicited this material. We created fun interactive games that teach children their rights.

And now, we are almost ready to launch the Pequeños Ciudadanos educational virtual platform. Through this platform we will continue to educate boys and girls, with the support of their parents and teachers. We offer virtual programs, online activities and interactive games. The Pequeños Ciudadanos virtual platform opens horizons so that there are no barriers when it comes to civic education.

Since 2016, when I returned from the Stanford Executive Program, I have been working to make the Pequeños Ciudadanos educational virtual platform come true. Thanks to new technologies, the support of many people, and most importantly, donations, I am happy to announce we are almost ready to launch. However, we still need financial support to achieve this project, which costs $100,000 US dollars.

We are still looking for resources to help us achieve the goal. We have managed to raise $38,000 US dollars but still need to raise $62,000 US dollars.

I invite you to join our initiative. Donate here.

Alejandra Hinojosa:  She is the Executive Director of Formando Emprendedores ABP, an organization that educates girls, boys and young adults to become participative citizens and social entrepreneurs. She also leads the organization Lideres Ciudadanos, which promotes Culture of Lawfulness.   

Alejandra defines herself as passionate and idealistic. For 16 years, she has supported social development by creating and implementing educative programs for boys, girls, and young adults.