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Hi, I am Luis Alcalá García.

I have been a volunteer in many occasions. Principally, at work, collaborating with Pequeñ@s Ciudadan@s. It has been a very, very beautiful experience, mostly because I’ve had the opportunity to work in the suburb area right across from the company.

These are kids who suddenly ask: Where do you work?

– At Zinc Nacional,

– Oh, my dad works there! You are just like my dad!

It is such a beautiful experience I get to share with them.

The example

What children most remember after taking the Pequeñ@s Ciudadan@s program is the example. I believe the example is how they live. These children maybe don’t have much contact with people outside the suburbs, so when someone arrives at class saying “I’m an engineer”, “I’m a teacher”, “I’m a graduate” is a really, really good example for children. I believe this is the part that causes most impact in them.

The marathon

I’ve been a runner for 2 years, but it was not until recently that I registered for my first marathon. I’ve been training for the marathon since June. In that time, I’ve ran approximately 300 kms.

I am very, very excited – this will be my first marathon. Its something that has got me really nervous, but my plan is to finish it. I don’t care about the time, all I want is to finish. I want to put an example: having a goal, and achieving it.

Why do I want to run the marathon? Because it is a personal challenge. This year I gave myself this challenge – I’ve done a bicycle marathon twice, but this time I want to run.

The cause

Why the cause? I have a dream. To see a country. To see Mexico with less corruption, with honest people. I believe that, by supporting a cause, one can see many changes. But I especially liked Pequeñ@s Ciudadan@s’ cause because it works with the values I believe Mexico needs: honesty.

This is my goal, to finish the marathon, but above all, to count every kilometer I am selling. Help me collect 25 thousand pesos to support 3 groups in the Antonio P. Castilla elementary school, in García, Nuevo León!

You can support the cause

Give us a like and share to help support part of the 3 groups I am sponsoring.

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Thank you!