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Who are we?

Culture of Lawfulness is doing what is right. What is good for everyone helps build a better society


Pequeñ@s Ciudadan@s is an educative platform from Formando Emprendedores, A.B.P. This platform consists of a series of programs directed towards boys and girls in 4th, 5th and 6th grade from public schools. These programs promote and diffuse topics regarding Culture of Lawfulness, children and adolescent rights, and infant citizen participation.

Pequeñ@s Ciudadan@s includes parent workshops, activations from students from 3rd and 4th grade, educative videos, and will soon include technological applications (apps).


To teach and promote Culture of Lawfulness and infant citizen participation in boys and by implementing programs imparted by volunteers.


To implement in the year 2020 the Pequeñ@s Ciudadan@s program in elementary schools in Mexico´s Northeastern zone.


  • Participation
  • Reflection
  • Compromise
  • Tolerance
  • Empathy


  1. Educate over 120,000 boys and girls with the Pequeñ@s Ciudadan@s platform
  2. To be recognized as leaders in the field of infant citizen participation and Culture of Lawfulness.
  3. Replicate the work scheme in different states in Mexico and in other countries.

Frequent Questions:

Why Culture of Lawfulness?
Because this way we can learn to become citizens. Mexico needs citizens that are active, tolerant, just, creative, and respectful towards the law. Mexico needs little citizens that grow up learning about their rights and responsibilities, who understand how to generate a peaceful environment throughout dialogue and participation.
Why elementary grades?

From 8-9 years old, children begin to evaluate and reflect upon their school, family, and everyday experiences, as well as their role in school and at home. From this stage forward, children have the emotional maturity to expand their thoughts from being “me” to “us”. They are capable of understanding and questioning more complex concepts, such as justice, honesty, and the consequences of not following the rules. It is an ideal moment for orienting their conduct and introducing them to Culture of Lawfulness.

Why learn about Culture of Lawfulness in elementary grade?
Learning is a challenge itself, and learning to be a citizen is a personal, community and global challenge. Citizenship is learned through awareness and by exercising our rights. Children learn the alphabet letter by letter, becoming familiar with their sound and writing. Citizenship is learned this way too: our rights are the letters; our participation, reflection and legal framework are the sound and writing. In the first example we learn to read, in the second example we learn to exercise our rights.
Why volunteers?
Our project is based on citizen participation and the construction of a State of Law, and our volunteers act as a tool that provide congruence and enthusiasm. Volunteers are dynamic and deliver different point of views, experiences, and life stories that enrich both our work as well as children’s experiences. We work with professional volunteers and participative citizen that share their time, knowledge, and experience by visiting schools one hour a week during six weeks.
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