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“Pequeñ@s Ciudadan@s” is an educative platform by Formando Emprendedores ABP. It is aimed at boys and girls from elementary schools, its mission being to promote and diffuse concepts such as Child Rights, infant citizen participation, and Culture of Lawfulness.

Why Culture of Lawfulness? Because Mexico needs active, tolerant, just citizens, who are creative and respectful towards the law. Mexico needs little citizens who grow up aware of their rights and responsibilities, and understand how participation and dialogue generate peaceful environments and lawfulness for everyone.

Since 2014, we have benefited 19,782 children and their families. We have received support from over 954 volunteers and 60 schools in the municipalities of Monterrey, Guadalupe, San Pedro Garza García, Escobedo, El Carmen, San Nicolás, Santa Catarina, García and Apodaca, Nuevo León, Tepeji del Río, Hidalgo, and Torreón, Coahuila.

To learn is a challenge by itself, but to learn to be a citizen is a personal, community, and global challenge. Citizenship is learned by knowledge and practice. Children learn the alphabet letter by letter, learning their shape and sound, which gives them the bases for reading. Learning about citizenship derives from the same concept: our rights are the letters, our participation and legal framework is the sound, and practicing our citizenship is the reading. If in the first example we learn to read, in the second example we learn to put our citizenship to practice.

Active participation in a Culture of Lawfulness is a practice created by knowledge and action: it implies auto-regulation, respect and openness to dialogue, tolerance, and the battle for establishing equal treatment and opportunities.

Because we can learn to be citizens, strengthening key concepts regarding justice, tolerance, participation, and equality. If we educate children in a Culture of Lawfulness, the result will be adults with citizen initiative, experience in social transformation projects, democratic processes and Rule of Law. To live in a democracy, Mexico requires citizens.

Culture of Lawfulness education begins by educating children to learn about human rights and citizen participation. This education must come from school, their family and their community.

In the process, children discover themselves as an agent of change: participative, reflective, peace promoters. They become the protagonist of taking decisions in class, leaders of community projects that benefit their school. Our Little Citizens achieve a tolerant and respectful atmosphere, following class rules.

Little Citizens aware of their Right to Health will grow up respecting their environment and well-being. Little Citizens aware of their Right to Public Education will become more participative in their school activities, and promote Child Rights.

Little Citizens aware of their Right to Security will respond to aggression in a pacific way, seeking atmospheres of peace and dialogue. Let us value boys and girls as people, and form them to become citizens.

The new generations of children will be the leaders and directors of our country, let us educate them in terms of solidarity, tolerance and lawfulness. Let us educate them to respect others’ opinions, look for agreements, respect the consequences and learn to manage conflicts.

In Pequeñ@s Ciudadan@s we are convinced that educating in a Culture of Lawfulness will strengthen children’s spirits, promoting reflection, teamwork, and search for solutions.

In our programs, boys and girls perform creative and reflective activities in which they detect problems in their school, family and community. They take actions and give proposals for solving the problem, involving the appropriate authorities.

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For a Mexico with greater citizens!

Pequeños Ciudadan@s staff