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In Pequeños Ciudadanos we are creating the Pequeños Ciudadanos Virtual Platform to be able to reach Spanish-speaking boys and girls from all around the world.

In this platform, children will learn about Civic Education, Culture of Peace, and the importance of participating in their community.

To achieve this, we need your help! Make a donation and help Civic Education reach more Spanish-speaking boys and girls from all around the world.

It is time to broaden horizons and end barriers regarding Civic Education, and allow Pequeños Ciudadanos Virtual Platform to be available to everyone anywhere.

Together, let’s educate the future citizens Mexico and the world needs


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Who are we and what else do we do?

Pequeñ@s Ciudadan@s is an educational and interactive platform created by Formando Emprendedores, A.B.P. in 2014. It consists of a series of programs directed towards boys, girls, and adolescents. 

The programs are designed to teach them citizen their rights and how to exercise them, as well as promote civic and ethic education, Culture of Peace and Non-Violence,infant participation, inclusion, diversity, respect, and much more topics.

Learn here about our games, activities and downloadable material  in Spanish language for all the family.

Niños Aprendiendo

Downloadable Material

Activities and Games

How do we do this?

Our programs function as citizen laboratories, where boys and girls learn life tools through a “learn by doing” methodology. This promotes concrete solutions to their close problems.

Through dialogue, agreement, and citizen proposals with their parents, teachers, and both school and municipal authorities, they acquire the capacity to improve their surroundings at home, school, and/or their community.

Learn more about our educative and operational model here

Educational Model

Since 2014, 61,716 boys and girls have received the Pequeñ@s Ciudadan@s educational program in person 

Thanks to donations from people, businesses and foundations we have gotten this far! Donate and become part of the formation of future citizens!

If you have any questions regarding your donation, contact us here

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