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In Pequeñ@s Ciudadan@s we dream big, we dream with a safe and legal Mexico. And one day, we dreamt of promoting Culture of Lawfulness and citizen participation in children – but today we went further. Our goal was to reach not only boys and girls, but their parents as well. This way,

what is taught in the program doesn’t just stay in the classroom, it also stays within families and their community. This was the dream for Pequeños Ciudadan@s’ parent session: it was a year of intense work, of finding resources, documenting, studying, reading, investigating. Today, it is with great pride that we share that we had our first Pequeños Ciudadan@s’ parent session.

On June 29 in the Elementary School Hildebrando S. Garza Sepúlveda, which is located in the municipality of García, Nuevo León, 60 mothers and fathers punctually attended the first Parent Session. This session was developed for parents whose children are taking or have taken our program. In this session, we presented the Pequeñ@s Ciudadan@s program, talked about our projects, activities, and the change we see throughout the six weeks in which we have the privilege of working together. We explained how our capacitated volunteers teach the program, and even two volunteers accompanied us and with great enthusiasm gave their testimony. They explained the process children go through when participating in the program.

It was an emotional session filled with activities that promote reflection: our role as educators and parents, the importance of respecting rules, of dialogue, Culture of Lawfulness, Child Rights, and citizen participation.

To finalize the session, we shared a video of the Pequeñ@s Ciudadan@s program, taught by Nemak volunteers. Through this emotional video parents were able to appreciate the activities, creativity, and children’s participation during the project.

We said goodbye with a lot of happiness and with the promise to keep working as a team, with teachers, parents, enterprises and volunteers, to construct a better school, a better city and a better country. Making a team for our Little Citizens.

Here are some tips we shared with the participative parents:

  • Be a good example for your child
  • Be congruent between what you say and think. If you promise something, go through with it.
  • Maintain positive, see the glass as half-full
  • Be fair with them, don’t separate differences between siblings
  • Promote legality and good habits