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Written by Ángel Navarro Torres

Translated by Lorena Martínez Lombard

My name is Ángel Navarro Torres, I am 20 years old and I live in Nuevo León, México.

A few weeks ago I participated as a volunteer in the educative platform “Pequeñ@s Ciudadan@s”, and my experience was incredible. 

At first I had many doubts concerning my role was in the program, but these were quickly dissipated through the support of my teammates and the students’ willingness to participate in the project. 

The classroom became a space of peace, understanding, equality, empathy and friendship. Children were very respectful with one another and towards us; they seemed truly interested in what we said and in their classmates’ opinions. 

We listened to their stories and they listened to our classes. It was not just a one-way communication, but something reciprocal and mutually beneficent.  

We learned the meaning of Culture of Lawfulness, teamwork, and the importance of being an honorable person. 

Once each session was complete, and after hearing what the students had learned and reading their thank-you cards, I can securely say that although we didn’t spend much time together and although we hadn’t met until the beginning of the program, those students will never forget what they learned. 

Both students and volunteers grow through this program, in a way that helps Mexico become a better country.


Pequeñ@s Ciudadan@s helps foment and get to know our right to emotional health. Our team is advised by medics, psychologists, educators, lawyers and philosophers that helps us share information and formation activities regarding Culture of Lawfulness in children. We invite you to share our articles and keep in touch through our Facebook page