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Written by: Carolina Carrera

Translated by: Lorena Martínez Lombard

What is your favorite song? Your favorite color? What do you like to do? Where do you like to go? Do you take a long look at yourself in the mirror? Do you listen to yourself? Do you notice yourself? Are you kind to yourself? How do you treat yourself?…

Sometimes I like to look myself in the eyes in front of a mirror, and observe my emotions, my thoughts, smile at myself and deepen my being. Give myself time to choose something I really like doing, sit down and reflect on my experiences. I try to remember if I took the time to breathe and regulate my emotions before speaking, or if I got carried away and said something I regretted later. I do this without judging myself, simply being aware of what I like and dislike, why I acted in a certain way and how I could act differently next time and be in peace with my actions.

Self-knowledge is acquired by practicing observation and being present with oneself. It is important to transmit this knowledge to our children, with emotion. We can share this during lunchtime, when the family is together. I like to share my experiences teaching a yoga class to a kindergarden group, and feeling happy, because in that moment children were the leaders of their own thoughts. I share this with my family: the name of my students, their qualities, the way in which I found a puppy on my way to teaching class, my concerns about contamination in the city, the way I enjoyed preparing lunch that day, and that I’d like to draw with my children after lunchtime. Those moments – while you wait in the dentist office, while you comb their hair – any moment you spend with your children is an excellent opportunity to talk about yourself with them. It is a way to transmit what you feel, to generate empathy and connection and allow your children to get to know you. When you appreciate every moment you spend with your loved ones, you will develop a spiritual communication and that person will feel more secure, accepted, and confident to show themselves as they really are.

“Get to know yourself”. It is your right.

The advantages of getting to know yourself are many, and are practical:

  • Knowing what you want and like provides you with the ability to make efficient decisions.
  • It frees yourself from guilt and prejudice derived by learned beliefs.  
  • You realize that many of your conducts have been transmitted, and you can decide to resign to them and choose what you want to believe.
  • You allow your self-esteem to improve by recognizing your spontaneity and originality.
  • You will feel better doing something you like, such as practicing a sport or hobby.
  • You will make decisions from the heart: choosing your own clothes, your household decorations, your food at a restaurant or what you buy at the supermarket.

When you connect with yourself, you lose fear and put an end to your limits; you live in harmony, gratitude and peace. You become capable of sharing yourself with others, respecting and praising your individuality.

I invite you to answer the questions asked at the beginning of the text, as well as the following: What is your favorite animal? What is your favorite movie and what does it make you feel? What scares you? Who do you admire, and why? What is your favorite part of your body? I like sharing these questions with my daughters, and take turns answering them and getting to know one another.

We all deserve to be recognized and appreciated. Children look for this recognition passionately, and when we are capable of observing them with true attention we will notice they are truly divine. And that is how we will treat them, that is how we will guide and accompany them in their path: with love and passion.

“Love your neighbor as yourself” says the Bible in Matthew 19:19. The appreciation of oneself is not something new, it is God’s commandment – a learning transmitted by the wise who knew how to observe and discern. Carl Jung also declared this when he said: “Your vision will become clear only when you can look inside your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens”. That is why we are here, that is why we came to the world: to become conscious of who we are from the inside, the union between the observer and all that surrounds us. With peace and friendliness, we learn to repeat stories and experiences with full consciousness.

Let us look at ourselves and our children in the eyes with silence; let us look beyond appearances and perceive reality. Renounce to what you think you are, what you think others are, and let the true nature of life take its course.


Carolina Carrera Ascencio is from Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz. She dedicates herself to loving her family and getting to know herself. Carolina practices yoga, meditation, conscious cooking, gardening, and belly dance. She teaches classes, writes, and has a blog named My Kitchen of Ideas. Carolina loves desserts, mountains, and kittens.