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Written by: Denise Krumholz

Translated by: Lorena Martínez Lombard


Returning back to school is a time that brings many emotions and expectations. Children may be anxious to meet their new teachers and classmates, and be excited to live new experiences both in and out of the classroom. Each family manages this process differently, but at the end of the day they all experience these emotions when they become immersed in shopping for school uniforms and material. Here are some tips that can help facilitate this process: 

1. – Return to routine with anticipation. Children must begin sleeping earlier at night to adapt to their new school schedule, and have the necessary hours of sleep to facilitate their academic, emotional, and social performance.


2.- Form positive habits at home such as: laying out the school uniform and preparing the lunchbox each night, to facilitate next morning’s routing and avoid last minute stress. 


3. – Pay close attention: When children express nervousness about returning to school, it is important that parents express a positive attitude. This can be done by asking children to think about what they like about school, such as recess, or having the opportunity of spending time with friends and classmates. It is also important that parents transmit the value of receiving an education. 


4. – Parents should allow children to openly express their feelings. It is important to normalize first-day anxiety, and together find possible ways to reduce it. Some ideas to help reduce anxiety include: practicing mindfulness techniques, relaxation and respiration exercises, as well as anticipating and talking about different situations that may present themselves at school, and mechanisms to confront them.


5. – Support: As parents, we must promote elemental values for coexistence, such as generosity, respect, and acceptance.


Wishing you a lot of luck in this 2018-2019 school cycle! 

Denise Krumholz is a psychologist with a Masters in family and partner Psychotherapy. She is a specialist in control of emotions and learning difficulties. She is certified in mental illness in children. She currently offers therapy and support for children, teenagers, and adults.